Ultima Frontiera-the Ultimate Border-die aeusserste Grenze Periprava/Danube Delta


Dear colleagues, 

looking forward to see you all again on Friday, Dec. 13th, at 14:00 at LANDSCAPE of TU Wien, Erzherzog Johann Platz 1/3. Please include budgeting or proposals for estimated budgeting for your projects. 

This time we will have another ressource person active in the Danube Region, Dr. Erwin Szlezak from the Lower Austrian Government.

 We have following program: 

14:00 Observations to intermediate design proposals of Nov. 15th, 2019 as a summary 

14:15 to 15:45 Student presentations of improved concepts including budgeting of their projects 

16:00 The Working Community of the Danube Region (ARGE Donauländer), its Role and Mandate with Particular Concern on Sustainability Issues. By Erwin Szlezak.

 16:30 Discussion 

17:00 End of meeting 

 Meinhard Breiling 

p.s. please have a look on the updated website www.breiling.org/lect/uf-web/