Europe Forum Wachau - at the Goettweig Monastery on June 26 and 27, 2010


„Individually, we are words,
altogether - a poem.
Europe shall not remain a word,
Europe shall become a poem."

. . . with these words Mr. Landeshauptmann Dr. Erwin Proell emphasized the importance of a united Europe.

Within the course of the Europe Forum in June 2010, the Department of Rural Development presented their activities at an information stand. The visitors of the forum thus had an opportunity to get informed about the various activities of the LF6 Department concerning the topic of "Sensibly use, carefully protect our soil".

The international visitors showed particular interest in the „paint-box with the Colours of the Earth" and in the platform

We give our thanks for the numerous discussions with the visitors of our information stand and for the excellent performance and service on the side of the organizers.

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