Lower Austria exports "our soil - we stand on it!"


In Lower Austria, not only has soil been given special attention for around 13 years, but the subject is also being "exported" to other countries in many ways: a new project to address the entire Danube region with its 100 million people

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SONDAR + 1st International Earth Color Painting Seminar with Migrants!


On March 17, 2016, the 1st International Earth Color Painting Seminar with Migrants took place in St. Andrä Wörden under the artistic direction of Prof. Irena Racek as part of the project SONDAR +. On initiative of the Lower Austrian agricultural district

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Soil type and soil paints as a model for soil protection and socio-ecological production in the Danube delta


In an updated version of the Danube Delta Strategy, soil protection and soil awareness will now be given a special place, in line with the EU Danube Region Strategy. As a result, it will

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SONDAR & SOPRO at Conference of Danube Region Strategy: Skills, Competences & Inclusion – December 5 and 6, 2013 in Vienna


Within the framework of this international conference of stakeholders, at which representatives of 13 countries in the Danube region were present, a Lower Austrian delegation, consisting of representatives of the Working

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SONDAR Information Stand at the 1st Danube Limes Conference at Carnuntum


The project of SONDAR was presented within the framework of the 1st Danube Limes Conference at Carnuntum. Christian Steiner, Grad. Eng. informed the participants about ELSA (European Land and Soil Alliance) as well as about the project of SONDAR (Soil Strategy

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