Soil Campaign - Summary of Contents

Our soil is an essential commodity, because it cannot be increased. We need it. We, and all coming generations. We cultivate it, drive upon it, walk upon it, and stand upon our soil. The crops of the fields stem from the soil, our daily food. Therefore a careful and conscious treatment of soil is

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Neue Projekte in der "Taten"bank


Die "Taten"bank der positiven Gemeinde-Beispiele ist weiter angewachsen. Unter diesem Link können inzwischen fast 30 Beispiele abgerufen werden. Von der Alternative zur Versiegelung im eigenen Hausgarten bis zur bodenschonenden Siedlungserweiterung in der Gemeinde können verschiedene Beispiele angesehen werden.
In kurzer Form

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Our Soil at the Lower Austrian Provincial Garden Fair

The campaign „Our soil - upon which we stand!“ is represented more than once at the Lower Austrian Provincial Garden Fair. In the garden of Mr. Grand, a soil plate showing the soil of a garden has been erected.


The soil plate shows

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Painting of the Month of July


Still in time before the end of term, there is another competition for the painting of the month. It will start out on June 12. Until the end of the month, you may participate in the selection of the best five pieces of

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Revealing of Lower Austrian Soil Plate at Mold on July 6, 2009


On July 6, 2009 at Mold the Lower Austrian soil plate was revealed offically.

„Active soil protection, this means to Lower Austria: Yes, we will develop settlements in an orderly fashion, yes, we stand for environment-friendly, production-oriented soil and agricultural cultivation,

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