Soil protection systems / wind protection systems


What are soil protection systems?

Soil conservation systems are stocked with native trees and / or shrubs in our cultivated landscape, that

  • serve agriculture to safeguard its production
  • provide habitat for the natural fauna and flora
  • bring the population a varied landscape

They used to be called

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Humus management and regional bio-fertilizer production


Why humus?

Humus is the basis of soil fertility. There is hardly any soil property that is not positively affected by the humus.

  • Humus improves nutrient supply

Humus improves the plant availability of main and trace nutrients.

  • Humus improves the soil
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Humus accounting in practice


In order to sensitize practitioners such as farmers and (environmental) council members to the importance of soil humus in terms of climate protection and mitigation of climate change problems, the "Humus Accounting for Practice" project in six different regions of Lower Austria has organized six introductory seminars on

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Soil is precious, it lives and needs our protection. We'll take a look


At the harvest festival on Heldenplatz, Austrian young farmers thanked for their harvest and at the same time presented the wide range of their daily work: the production of high quality food, the care of our unique cultural landscape,

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Land & Raum 2 2015 "Networks in the Danube Region"


Here you will find relevant excerpts from the current edition of Land & Raum 2 2015 "Networks in the Danube Region".

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Download article Steiner

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