SONDAR CZ-AT: Focus on Soil within the framework of the Traisen Brandy Fair


On November 10/11, 2012, the Traisen Brandy Fair with focus on soil took place at the market community of Traisen. Traisen is situated in the Soil & Land Alliance region of Lilienfeld, and it is therefore one of the best-practice regions of preventive soil protection. The large number of guests from the region of Lilienfeld, as well as a delegation from the Soil & Land Alliance region of Hornacko, White Carpathians in the Czech Republic witnessed the awarding procedure, and there was much exchange.

Humus Management in the Soil & Land Alliance Region of Lilienfeld:

A sufficient percentage of humus is a central factor for safeguarding and maintenance of fertility of soils used in agriculture. An improved humus management oriented towards use can therefore, among others, make a precious contribution to climate protection.
The upper layer of soil consisting of fertile humus is the basis of life. It lasts a few hundred years, until one centimeter of fertile humus has developed, if soil is cultivated in the wrong manner, one single cloudburst can destroy it in the long run.
Currently, a "soil map" is being elaborated by the University of of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) at the Tulln University Research Center (UFT) for the Province of Lower Austria. It will yield precious data on the condition of soil and its relevance to climate and many options for implementation of practical projects. The persons responsible of the Lilienfeld Environmental Association intend to link the data to the regional energy concept, and to convey these results via the SONDAR network to the Danube region. Thus for the first time plans for a long-term use of the renewable energy source of biomass can be made with special consideration of soil protection.