Soil Protection Working Group

The XV Alpine Conference noted that an enhanced cooperation of the Parties in the field of soil protection is required due to the increased pressure on the use of soils in the Alpine region and the increased risk, e.g. by climate change. Thus, the Soil Protection Working Group was established in 2019. 

The Working Group contributes to the protection and improvement of the condition of Alpine soils, with special emphasis on climate protection and adaptation to climate change. In doing so, the Working Group is oriented towards site-appropriate and sustainable soil management, economical use of soil and avoidance of soil degradation or soil pollution.

Building on the results of the first work phase until the end of 2020, the long-term activities regarding harmonised databases and permanent monitoring areas are continued and specified, exchange with relevant networks and awareness raising on soil protection are intensified.

Furthermore, a long-term action plan for the implementation of provisions and declarations on soil protection in the specific context of the Alpine region will be developed.

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