SONDAR Information Stand at the 1st Danube Limes Conference at Carnuntum


The project of SONDAR was presented within the framework of the 1st Danube Limes Conference at Carnuntum. Christian Steiner, Grad. Eng. informed the participants about ELSA (European Land and Soil Alliance) as well as about the project of SONDAR (Soil Strategy Network in the Danube Region). General Secretary Peter de Martin presented the activities of the Working Community of the Danube Regions within the frame of this conference.
At the conclusion of this evening, many persons interested enquired on the activities of SONDAR at the information stand, and participated in the creation of a common piece of art created with soil colours. This soil colour painting, created in common, was solemnly handed over to the lead partner of the project of Danube Limes, IOeG (Austrian Institute of Historical Research), Prof. Dr. Andreas Schwarcz.
The borders of the Roman Empire form a unique archeological soil monument of international significance, which reaches across Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa, in its size it can actually be compared to the Great Wall in China. This utmost borderline comprises thousands of guard posts and hundreds of smaller and larger fort sites in a total of 20 states. The Austrian section extends at the Danube from Passau to Bratislava, once the Northern border of the provinces of Noricum and Pannonia against Barbaricum, inhabited by the Germanic tribes.
The aim of the project of DANUBE-LIMES is to declare the middle-European section of the Danube UNESCO World Heritage, in order to conserve the still existing visible, but also invisible monuments in the long run, and to improve the touristic attraction as a whole. Austria cooperates closely with the neighbouring countries Slovakia and Hungary in this respect, and pursues the goal to focus on the DANUBE-LIMES concerning sustainable regional development in the years to come.
On this occasion, a common event of all project partners took place in Carnuntum on September 16, 2013 in cooperation with the ETC project of SONDAR SK-AT. As a memory, a painting was created using the Colours of the Earth.

Fotos © Verein BIENE, Ing. Klemens Rybaczek