Update Best4Soil, EU thematic network on soil health

Dear all, please find an update for the EU H2020 project Best4Soil, for knowledge exchange on soil health. Early 2019 we informed you that the project was accepted. Since the start of the project a lot of preparation work has been done and we now start with the second phase of the project. Therefore it is a good moment to give you anupdate:
• all video's and fact sheets on Best Practices for soil health are ready;
• data bases for control and management of nematodes and soil borne pathogens are online;
• Most of the material is translated in 20 different EU languages, we wait for the last translations to complete this task.

Now all the content is developed the second phase of the project starts: setting up of the EU wide network on soil health. Best4Soil planned several network events already, but due to Covid-19 no such activities are possible at the moment. We hope the situation will improve the coming period so we can catch up with this work during the rest of the project. The project ends September 2021, so we still have time.

All information products you can find on www.best4soil.eu . On the website you also find the link to the databases for nematodes and soil born diseases. With help of these data bases farmers and advisors can make a risk analysis for their crop rotation or use this information in combination with the Best Practices for making a control strategy once problems with soil health occur.

We warmly welcome you to visit our website and to follow us on @best4soil.eu and https://www.facebook.com/best4soil.