Soil Hydrological Data

"Hydrological soil parameters, such as hydraulic conductivity (ability of the soil to conduct water to depth), total pore volume (air space within the soil body) or usable field capacity (water storage capacity of the soil) represent an important database for applications in hydrological practice. Numerous models for the prediction of flood events are based on these parameters. In the first phase of the project HYDROBOD-NÖ such parameters could be compiled for the whole province of Lower Austria. Since completion of the first phase of HYDROBOD (2011), further parts of Lower Austria could be surveyed by agricultural soil mapping. These new bases have now been incorporated into the existing database, resulting in a significant improvement of data quality in the newly mapped areas.


Data packages for download:

  • Reports from both project phases - Download hydrological soil characteristics Lower Austria - HYDROBOD NÖ II, second project phase
  • Download hydrological key data of the soils of Lower Austria (HydroBodNÖ) 
  • Download Hydrological soil characteristics of the soils of Lower Austria (HydroBodNÖ) short version


Download maps Hydrobod II (zip file): Maps in jpg format (A2) for the parameters: soil storage, total pore volume, storage effective soil thickness, topo index

Download maps Hydrobod I (zip file): Maps in jpg format (A2) for dominant runoff processes with (mv) and without (ov) silting for heavy rain events of different duration (15 min, 60 min, 12 h) D = 100 years

Download Rasterdaten Hydrobod II Metadaten: ods-Datei in Tabellenform mit Beschreibungen und Metadaten der einzelnen Rasterdatensätze

Download raster data Hydrobod II metadata: ods file in tabular form with descriptions and metadata of the individual raster data sets


Download here: