The Changing Soil - New Conditions for our Agriculture

On Monday, 21st December 2020, the ÖKL is once again offering a webinar with film.

"Soil in transition - new prerequisites for our agriculture".

With soil ecologist DI Hans Unterfrauner

With climate change, precipitation events and average temperatures are changing. This creates new problems but also new opportunities for our agriculture.

DI Thomas Labuda is experimenting with different, partly exotic crops on his farm in the north-east of Lower Austria.

In addition to the usual crops of arable farming, the farmer's biodiversity includes hazelnuts, chickpea, sweet potato and Indian banana.

Soil ecologist DI Hans Unterfrauner will present a short film and a lecture in the webinar.

The webinar will feature a short film and a lecture on what is important for site-appropriate cultivation and how one can assess one's own soil on the basis of certain characteristics.

One focus will be on the water balance and the fertility of the soil. Afterwards, participants can ask questions and join in the discussion.

  • What is important for rainwater to seep into the soil?
  • How can this positively influence the intensity of dry periods
  • How can field crops better withstand drought stress?
  • How can erosion be avoided?


In this webinar you will get answers to these questions.

Date: Monday, 21st December 2020 - from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. - COMPLETED
Participation fee: 19 € (with agricultural business number)
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