Excursion multi-use Hedges on 05.05.2021

Hedges ensure that the fertile topsoil is protected from wind erosion and improve the microclimate. This is becoming increasingly important as an adaptation to climate change. They provide habitats for insects, birds and mammals and thus promote biodiversity and beneficial insects.

Multi-use hedges are created in such a way that they bring additional benefits to the farm beyond these positive effects. A typical example is the use of (wild) fruit and nuts. We visit existing multi-use hedges on the Binder farm and analyse them together with the farm manager with regard to their benefits, biodiversity and protective function.

Other possible uses of multiple-use hedges are also discussed. Multi-use hedges are a tried and tested agroforestry system suitable for Central European agricultural and climatic conditions.

Meeting: Wednesday, 05.05.2021, Start: 14.00 p.m.
Target group:  Farmers who are interested in actively shaping their agricultural landscape
Speakers:  Franz Binder, Dr. Erwin Szlezak, Dr. Eva Erhart
Costs:  free of charge
Meeting point:  At the monument ("Marterl") between Höbersdorf and Untermallebarn, 2011 Sierndorf.
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Photo source: Franz und Claudia Binder

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