Naturland Café on 02.03.2021

Naturland Café on 02.03.2021

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear Naturland ambassadors, dear partners in protected area management,

after our successful launch of the Naturland Café on 16.02.2021, we would like to invite you to the next online morning event. On 02.03.2021, we will focus our event series on the multi-use hedgerow in the spirit of climate change adaptation. Every two weeks, the Naturland Café will present a topic to interested project partners that relates to biodiversity or soil issues in our province.

At the Naturland Café on 02.03.2021, at 8:30 a.m., we will hear the next presentation from

DI Dr. Erwin Szlezak: "Climate effects of multi-use hedges in drylands" - agreement of agriculture and biodiversity.

Dr. Erwin Szlezak in the Lower Austrian Agricultural District Authority in the Deptartment of Rural Development is responsible for applied soil protection. For several years, he has been organizing the international exchange within the framework of the meetings of the ARGE Donauländer on behalf of the province of Lower Austria. On behalf of the Lower Austrian ABB, Bio-Forschung Austria published a detailed brochure on the effect and quality of the multi-use hedge (üre-Mehrnutzungshecke_2020_komprimiert.pdf)

Together with the farmer Franz Binder he will explain the importance of the multi-use hedge, especially in times of climate change.

Afterwards, there will be the opportunity for substantive questions and for discussion - we are again looking forward to a lively participation.


Participation is possible via the following LINK:

Topic: Naturland-Café

Time: 02.03.2021 at 08:30 a.m.

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In this format, we want to report from the activities in the care of protected areas and from particularly committed communities. You are also welcome to send us feedback if you would like to present an activity at the Naturland Café or just tell us about a topic that is of interest - we will do our best to find competent speakers. You will receive the next mailing in due time before the next Naturland Café, which will take place on 16.3.2021.


With kind regards

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