Painting with the Colours of the Earth in the Lower Austrian Provincial Museum


On November 29, the school girls and boys from the Gastern elementary school visited the Lower Austrian Provincial Museum in St. Poelten, and participated in a soil colour seminar with Prof. Irena Racek.

The visit to the Provincial Museum was a prize of the competition "We are looking for your slogan" of the Lower Austrian Charter for Rural areas, within the framework of which the youth was invited to find a slogan for the future of rural areas.

Together with soil colour artist Irena Racek the children were allowed to experiment with natural binding agents, and to give full scope to their creativity in designing their own joint pieces of art.

Afterwards they received an exciting guided tour through the natural division of the Provincial Museum. Here the children were able to get to know and discover the nature of Lower Austria with amazement. A life-size elk, occupied aquaria, and swift lizards provided for enthusiasm among the young visitors.

Finally, there was time left for painting with the Colours of the Earth, where a large number of great pieces of art has come into existence by simplest means and with natural colours.

The representatives of the SENEC Association invited the participants for lunch, and narrated about the SONDAR (Soil Strategy Network in the Danube Region) project.

Within the framework of the SONDAR project, from February 23 to April 20, 2012 a cross-border competition "Painting with the Colours of the Earth" will be performed.


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