Soil Campaign - Summary of Contents

Our soil is an essential commodity, because it cannot be increased. We need it. We, and all coming generations. We cultivate it, drive upon it, walk upon it, and stand upon our soil. The crops of the fields stem from the soil, our daily food. Therefore a careful and conscious treatment of soil is necessary. Lower Austria started the campaign “Our soil - we stand upon it”” in spring 2007. Below you will find a summary of contents of our soil campaign!

Cultivated soil - earth, compost, cottage garden

Soil is of great significance in its ecological regulatory function. Soil is a filter, a buffer, and a transformer for various substances. Substances incorporated into soil are bound by means of chemical reactions on the surface by clay minerals and oxides.

Organic pollutants are degraded in the course of time by soil organisms. Such a discharge of pollutants into the ground water can be prevented. The filter and buffer capacity of soils is limited, and varies in its quality according to the properties of the respective soil. On account of its function as a storage tank for climate-relevant trace gases and as one of the main carbon sequestration tanks of our planet, soil contributes decisively to climate protection.