SONDAR +: Meeting of international floor experts in Brno


On June 27, 2016, soil experts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria met on the occasion of the project SONDAR + Danube Start to work on the development of a joint soil map for the Danube region.
The project SONDAR +, which is funded by the "START - Danube Region Project Fund of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region", will work on data harmonization and definition of scales and data formats in addition to numerous other activities. In the next step, the map will be implemented for the entire Danube region.
Peter Strauss as representative of the Initiative Land creates water presented the results of the current project "SOIL MAP - Soil Information for Lower Austrian Districts". The results of this project are of great benefit to the development of the Danube map and have attracted much interest from international partners.
Erwin Szlezak from the Lower Austrian Agricultural District Authority presented the agendas of the Working Community of the Danube Countries and the Agricultural District Authority.
Klemens Rybaczek from the club BIENE illustrated the goals of the project SONDAR +. As with the successful projects in the past, one of the main focuses of SONDAR + is to provide scientific knowledge to a broad population. According to the SCIENCE-ALLIANCE-AWARENESS approach, we are working with different target groups - from local stakeholders, through science and students - to raise awareness of the importance of our soil.
Thomas Dostal from the Technical University of Prague and Jarolava Sobocka from the Soil Protection Institute Bratislava presented their experiences and foundations from a national perspective for a cross-border soil map for the Danube region.
Detailed information about the SONDAR projects can be found here:


Photos: © Verein BIENE