Naturland Café on 02.03.2021

Naturland Café on 02.03.2021

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear Naturland ambassadors, dear partners in protected area management,

after our successful launch of the Naturland Café on 16.02.2021, we would like to invite you to the next online morning event. On 02.03.2021, we will focus our event series on the multi-use hedgerow in the spirit of

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BIO Research Austria

We would like to invite you to our upcoming online events in January and February of the new year 2021:

  • Humus balancing for your own farm - part 1 on 14.01.2021
  • Site- and crop rotation-adapted greening - multiple effects on 18.01.2021
  • Nitrogen dynamics in
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The Changing Soil - New Conditions for our Agriculture

On Monday, 21st December 2020, the ÖKL is once again offering a webinar with film.

"Soil in transition - new prerequisites for our agriculture".

With soil ecologist DI Hans Unterfrauner

With climate change, precipitation events and average temperatures are changing. This creates new problems but also new opportunities for our agriculture.

DI Thomas

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Market Gardening and Microfarming Conference of SÖL

Biointensive Market Gardening and Microfarming Conference (SÖL)

The Biointensive Market Gardening and Microfarming Conference will be held from 27th - 29th November 2020, online.

One focus is the topic of marketing channels, there is pleasantly a lot of space for exchange and with Eliot Coleman and Matteo Mazzola two exciting keynote speakers.

There will also be

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Bio Austria Vegetable Days

A cordially invitation to the Bio Austria Vegetable Days next week on Monday 30 November 2020 and Tuesday 1 December 2020.

According to circumstances, this year's event will be a webinar, but we all know that by now and I am convinced that the colleagues from Bio Austria will organise it for you in a

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