Invitation 24th Conference of the sustainability working group Maintropics soilprotection and sustainable landuse of the working community of the Danube Regions


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The EU Danube Region Strategy (EUSDR) connects the area of 14 states and more than 100 million people to a field of action for shared visions, projects and initiatives. The themes of SOILPROTECTION and SUSTAINABLE LANDUSE are the main themes of the Sustainability Working Group.

On the basis of existing projects and cooperations, this conference will create the foundations for a deepened and expanded international cooperation.


Wednesday, April 26th                   Thursday, April 27th, 2017, Fieldtrip

UFT / BOKU Tulln                              VERMIGRAND GmbH

Konrad Lorenzstrasse 24                  Hausäcker Straße 12

3430 Tulln an der Donau                    3462 Absdorf