economical treatment with soil

ants, isopods and worms. Below concrete and asphalt, there is nothing. For there, where houses, streets and ways, places and driveways seal the ground, there is no life in the soil any more. Also other functions, however, such as water storage, transformation of substances or the climate function, are lost. An economical use of soil is a necessity in many respects. Also in the Lower Austrian strategy of sustainability, the saving of space plays an important role.


An active regional development policy within the municipalities does make sense, not only on account of ecological reasons. The households of the muncipalities are confronted with heavily increasing costs for the establishment and maintenance of infrastructure on account of splinter development. Compact structures of settlement are an enourmos relief for the budget of the municipality.


Also from a social point of view, strengthened centres of villages are of crucial importance. Village centres offering the possibility for shopping and public institutions are at the same time connected with the communication of their inhabitants and strengthen collaboration in the municipalites.

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