SYM:BIO Folder "Hedges in the Landscape"

SYM:BIO Guide "Hedges in the Landscape"

The guide is available for download in German and Czech:
Guide "Hedges in the Landscape" - GE
Guide "Hedges in the Landscape" - CZ

SYM:BIO Projectmovies

Here you find Projectmovies of Symbio.

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Interreg AT CZ SYM:BIO Project folder

Interreg AT CZ Symbio FOTO

SYM:BIO Guideline "Diverse Green Spaces - For a sustainable and species-rich green"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Green spaces not only have a high aesthetic value for us humans, they also contribute significantly to our well-being by having a positive effect on the microclimate. They are also refuges for many plant and animal species. Thus, the nature-friendly planning, creation and maintenance of

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