Climategreen - Adapting green infrastructure to climate change

A joint project of Lower Austria, South Bohemia and South Moravia


Climate Protection through Soil Protection plants

Research study prepared by Bio Forschung Austria as part of the ATCZ142 Climate Green Projekt

Checklist climate fit
Soil Protection Systems

1. Selection of tree species

To ensure that hedges planted out today are well adapted to the climate in 20-30 years when they

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Climate Green Project extended until October 2020 + Final Conference 29.-30. September 2020

Závěrečná konference projektu Klimatická zeleň
Final Conference of the ATCZ142 Climate Green Project

Adaptace na klimatické změny pomocí zelené infrastruktury
Adaptation of Green Infrastructure to Climate Change

29. - 30. září / 29. - 30. September 2020
Spolkový dům Slavonice / Community

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International conference "Tree planting as an adaptation measure to climate change" 23.5.2019 in Lednice.


Climateresistant trees for settlement and landscape


With the participation of Lower Austria, South Bohemia and South Moravia, the project partners jointly developed strategies and measures to adapt green infrastructures to the consequences of climate change on 9 May 2018.

The project outputs are cross-border action programs and guidelines such as a catalog

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