Climate active Biogas Congress 2021 of the Compost & Biogas Federation Austria on 09.12. and 10.12.2021 in Graz

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climate active Biogas Congress 2021 on 09.12. and 10.12.2021 in Graz

Bernhard Stürmer
Kompost & Biogas Verband Österreich
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More details in the newsletter from Compost & Biogas Association 06/2021:

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* EAG: A great success for the energy transition

7th International Composting Practitioners' Day on 23.09.2021 in Langenlois-
   Gneixendorf/Lower Austria

biogas 21 - Save the Date09.-10.12.2021 in Graz
(Programme in German and English available)

* dena-analysis: Industry baromether biomethan 2021

Coordination meeting between KBVÖ and section head DI Christian Holzer, Head of the
   section "Environmental and Circular Economy" in the BMK

Killing of invasive neophytes by composting and anaerobic digestion
   (with exemplary studies)

* Compost regulars' tables in Stmk. and Lower Austria  (02.+22.07.2021)

* We educate ourselves for you!

* Obituary Helga Wagner, pioneer of organic agriculture in Austria
   (deceased  on 01.07.2021 in the 98th year of life)

* Sale Menzi Muck M540  (paid advertisement)

* Further education in the compost and biogas sector
10th Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition, 16th to 18th August 2021 in Guangzhou, China
   (Infos in English)


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