BIO Research Austria - Events Winter Semester 2021/22

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We would like to invite you to our upcoming events:

  • Webinar: Site- and crop rotation-adapted revegetation on Wed, January 12th - Extended registration until Monday, January 10th
  • Webinar: Humus balancing for your own farm - part 1 on Thu, January 13th and Tue, February 15th
  • Webinar: Humus balancing for your own farm - part 2 on Mon, January 24th and Tue, March 1st
  • Seminar: Optimize tillage on Wed, February 2nd
  • Seminar: Nitrogen dynamics in organic farming on Thu, February 3rd
  • Excursion multi-use hedges on Tues, March 8th


Webinar: Site- and crop rotation-adapted revegetation on Wednesday, 12.01.2022, from 2 to 5 p.m.

Which factors with regard to plant species and machine use support a successful intercropping? What is the importance of location in greening cultivation? What strategies can be pursued during dry periods? Current research results from practice answer questions about greening cultivation. Clarified: If the release of nutrients through revegetation is matched to the needs of the following crop, a wide range of positive effects can be achieved!

Date: Wednesday, January 12th from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Online
Target groupOrganic arable farmers
Speakers: Karoline Messenböck BSc, DI Lisa Doppelbauer
Costs: € 20,- (subsidized with LFBIS-Nr.), otherwise 40,-
Registration: via the bio-research websiteuntil 10th January 2022, 12:00

Webinar: Humus balancing for your own farm - part 1 on Thursday, 13.01.2022 and Tuesday, 15.02.2022

The seminar is dedicated to the importance of humus for soil fertility and climate protection. Humus balancing is presented as a calculation tool, and the advantages and disadvantages of various humus-building measures such as crop rotation, the addition of crop residues, green manure and compost are explained. The participants will learn how to extract soil data for humus balancing from eBOD (electronic soil map) and what other information they can use for their farm.

Date: Thursday, January 13th and Tuesday, February 15th
Location: Online; you will receive access after registration
Target group: Farmers who are interested in humus build-up and soil protection
Speakers: DI Lisa Doppelbauer, Christoph Reithofer, BSc.
Registration: for the date on 13.01.2022 at LFI Steiermark
for the date on 15.02.2022 via website of Bio Research


Webinar: Humus balancing for your own farm - part 2 on Monday, 24.01.2022 and Thuesdy 01.03.2022

Prerequisite for this seminar is the seminar "Humus balancing for the own farm - part 1", in which the basics of humus balancing are explained. The second part deals with the calculation of the long-term humus effect on the farm's own land. Based on the site-specific data from eBOD and the management measures, the calculation of the humus balance in the humus balance tool in MS Excel (xlsx) format is presented.

Date: Monday, January 24th and Tuesday, March 1st
Location: Online; you will receive access after registration
Target group: Farmers who are interested in humus build-up and soil protection
Speakers: DI Elisabeth Neuner, DI Lisa Doppelbauer, Christoph Reithofer, BSc.
Registration: for the date on 24.01.2022 at LFI Steiermark
for the date on 01.03.2022 via website of bio Research


Seminar: Optimze tillage on Wednesday, 02.02.2022

Adapting tillage to different soil types and conditions is a challenge. The choice of the best possible equipment, the correct equipment and adjustment of the respective equipment are very much based on own experience, but also on simple physical and soil biological basics. This seminar is intended to convey these very basics and to facilitate an optimal choice of equipment and application in order to be able to take the appropriate measures at the right time.

Registration: Bio Research Austria, T 01/4000 49 150 until 26.01.2022
Date: Wednesday, February 2nd; from 09:00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. 
Location: Bio Research Austria, 1220 Wien, Esslinger Hauptstraße 132-134
Target group: Organic arable farmers
Speakers: Josef Jugovits, Dr. Wilfried Hartl

Registrationvia website Bio Research or by phone under +43 (0) 1‑4000 49 150
until 26.01.2022


Seminar: Nitrogen dynamics in organic farming on Thursday, 03.02.2022

Livestock-less farming requires a detailed knowledge of nitrogen availability, especially in organic farming. In this hands-on seminar, the basics of N dynamics and the importance of nitrogen fixation by legumes will be discussed. In Practical exercises the selection of the sampling area, the sampling and measurement of nitrate-N of an own soil sample worked out together with the participants.
Please bring your own soil sample.

Target group: (Organic) farmers with livestock-less arable farms.
Speakers: Dr. Eva Erhart, Mag. Marion Bonell, DI Elisabeth Neuner
Costs: 40 € subsidized, 80 € unsubsidized
Date: Thursday, February 3rd from 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
Target group(Organic) farmers with livestock-less arable farms
Speakers: Dr. Eva Erhart, Mag. Marion Bonell, DI Elisabeth Neuner
Location: 7453 Dörfl, GH Faymann
Costs: € 30 for BIO AUSTRIA Burgenland-Members, otherwise € 60, unsubsidizd € 120
Registration at least one week before the event at BIO AUSTRIA Burgenland, Tel.: 02612/43 642 or

Excursion multi-use hedges on Tuesday, 08.03.2022 in Höbersdorf, Lower Austria

Hedges ensure that the fertile topsoil is protected from wind erosion and improve the microclimate. This is becoming increasingly important as an adaptation to climate change. Hedgerows provide habitats for insects, birds, and mammals, thereby promoting biodiversity and beneficial insects. Multi-use hedges are established to provide additional benefits to the farm beyond these positive effects, such as the use of wild fruits and nuts. We visit existing multi-use hedges on the Binder farm and analyze them together with the farm manager with regard to benefits, biodiversity and protective function. Other uses of multi-use hedges will also be discussed. Multi-use hedges are a proven agroforestry system suitable for Central European agricultural and climatic conditions.

Date: Tuesday, March 8th, Start: 02:00 p.m.
Target group: farmers interested in actively shaping their agricultural landscape
Speakers: Franz Binder, Dr. Erwin Szlezak, Dr. Eva Erhart
Costs: free of charge
Meeting pointAt the Marterl between Höbersdorf and Untermallebarn (L1089), 2011 Höbersdorf. Parking in the dirt road. 
Registration: via website Bio Research or by phone under +43 (0) 1‑4000 49 150  until 1 week before the couse starts

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (+43 1 4000 49150).

We look forward to your participation!

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