SYM:BIO Guideline "Diverse Green Spaces - For a sustainable and species-rich green"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Green spaces not only have a high aesthetic value for us humans, they also contribute significantly to our well-being by having a positive effect on the microclimate. They are also refuges for many plant and animal species. Thus, the nature-friendly planning, creation and maintenance of green spaces make a major contribution to promoting diverse life in resilient ecosystems.

We are pleased to send you our SYM:BIO guide "Diverse Green Spaces - For a sustainable and species-rich green" (in German). In the brochure you will find suggestions and ideas for nature-oriented design options for your own garden as well as public green spaces. Each of us can help to preserve and promote biodiversity.

Only together can something be changed and effected, according to the motto "This is where I live and I want to leave a positive mark!". Here's to a sustainable and species-rich green for people and animals! 

The guide can also be downloaded at Vielfaeltige-Gruenflaechen-Fuer-ein-zukunftsfaehiges-und-artenreiches-Gruen.pdf.
In print format, it can be picked up at Bio Research Austria, Esslinger Hauptstraße 132-134, 1220 Vienna.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Katharina Sandler, MSc ( and Katharina Zenz, MSc (

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