Panel Discussion on Sustainability

with Landesrat of Environmental Affairs, Josef Plank, Grad. Eng., and Director of Economic Chamber, Dr. Franz Widersich.


At the dialogue event of the New Design University – “School:discussing” in the WIFI in St. Poelten, soil protection and soil colours provided clearly understandable positive examples for sustainable ways of life and economy.

In the picture, there are also Stephanie Stöger (College NDU) and Roman Riedl (secondary technical college, St.Poelten, Industrial Design).

Act local, think global! - Slogans, which may be currently used by a large number of people, but which have not really entered our minds.

Therefore the WIFI college / advanced training course for design organized on Friday, December 12, 2008 the discussion forum “school:discussing” for the first time.

In the course of this event, Landesrat for Environmental Affairs, Josef Plank, Grad. Eng. and Director of Economic Chamber, Dr. Franz Wiedersich, expert in sustainability, Mr. Reisinger, Grad. Eng., architect Rudolf Berger as well as pupil of secondary technical college, Roman Riedl participated in the discussion.

The panel discussion conveyed to more than 100 school boys and girls attending the event a comprehensive impression of the challenges, chances as well as effects of the topic.

All participants of the discussion agreed that the linking of social, economic and ecological concerns will be t h e central task of implementation for a future-oriented development of our society, in a global context as well as on a regional and local scale. They were of the opinion that it would be equally important for young persons to acquire the experience of assuming responsibility.

Within the framework of the soil campaign of the Province of Lower Austria, the winning paintings of the competition “with the Colours of the Earth” were presented. Landesrat for Environmental Affairs Plank moved his contribution to the discussion, our soil as a symbol for sustainability, to the focus of attention. “Soil is an essential commodity, because it cannot be increased. It is a symbol for “moderation”, which we generally need concerning the treatment of our bases of life.

Finally, also the buffet with edible spoons and natural juices from the region was held in the sign of sustainability.

Press release in nöwi edition 3 from the 30.1.2009