Our Homeland / Our Soil: A Competition for You!


In response to the positive experience of last year's pilot project "Power of Soil", FORUM LAND launches an initiative for the rural area and its inhabitants, namely the campaign "Our Homeland - a Place for Feeling Good".

Children and teenagers are invited to intensely and creatively deal with their familiar surroundings and soil, upon which they live, and to express their feelings and experience in an artistic and creative manner, in drawings or photos. They are invited to narrate something about basic values, which have for a long time shaped our society, and which have to be redefined now, by the youth!

If you are a pupil or a student at a Lower Austrian educational institution, you may also participate in this competition.

The pupils of elementary school and the pupils up to the 8th form are kindly asked to create a drawing or a picture (size A3), and to send it to us by mail.

The pupils and students starting from the 9th form are kindly invited to send us a photo of a place where they feel at ease, or a photo composition of more than one place where they feel at ease, possibly with a short slogan. We accept photos, edited photos and photos with short text elements.
Resolution (recommended): 1280 x 720 oder 640 x 480 pixel, file size max. 2 MB
Submission: send print (max. size A4) by mail, or directly upload under www.unsere-heimat.at.

A duly completed supplemental sheet shall be enclosed to the pieces of art submitted by mail, which is ready for download under www.unsere-heimat.at.

In both categories, are a large number of prizes in kind, such as an opulent gift basket containing products from Lower Austria, as well as 500 Euro cash will be awarded to the winners.

Deadline of submission is February 17, 2012.
You will find the conditions of participation under www.unsere-heimat.at.