Potential Analysis of Soil Data of Lower Austria in Connection with EU Soil Data

A range of soil information exists in Austria, each available source of soil information is naturally created with different objectives. Accordingly, all data, apart from the data content, are available in different accuracy, as well as different spatial and temporal resolution. A major problem is the

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EU - Climate: Commission announces Info Days for EU Missions on 18 and 19.01.2022

The European Commission has announced the dates for the info days for the EU missions, which will take place virtually between January 18 and 19, 2022.

Key information::

· The Info Days are intended to present a wide range

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Project AustroPOPs shows Situation on Organic Pollutants in Soils in Austria

They occur everywhere, can be transported over long distances and accumulate in the food chain: organic pollutants pollute the environment and also enter our soils via various input pathways.
In the AustroPOPs project, the federal and state governments jointly created essential foundations for the uniform monitoring of organic

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Carbon in Lower Austrian Soils - new Article in the Journal GEODERMA

Soil and land use factors control organic carbon status and accumulation in agricultural soils of Lower Austria

Walter W. Wenzel, Olivier Duboc, Alireza Golestanifard, Christian Holzinger, ... Anna Schiefer
Article 115595

Further information in the journal GEODERMA published article at:

>> Article as pdf

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FFG: Focus on Europe and International Affairs 20/2021

Around 600 million euros are expected to be available from December 22 in the first round of calls for proposals for the 5 missions in Horizon Europe! The missions address the major challenges in the areas of health, climate and the environment and formulate ambitious and inspiring goals for them. The

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