SONDAR Information Stand at the Market of Preciosities in Tulln


Within the framework of the Climate Action Week, on June 3, 2013 the "Market of Preciosities" took place in Tulln. The Tulln Waste Association, which is a member of the European Land and Soil Alliance, launched this event together with the Agricultural Vocational School in Tulln with the aim to point to a careful treatment of food and the resources of our planet Earth.
In this context, much information on compost and soil conservation was offered, and in addition to many possibilities of tasting, also a programme for children and young people was offered, "Painting with the Colours of the Earth". A large number of children and young people occupied themselves with the Colours of the Earth and diligently painted pieces of art painted with soil colours.
Below you can see some paintings.

Photos: © BIENE Association / Klemens Rybaczek, Eng.