Organic matter management and regional production of biofertilizers


As part of the ARGE Donauländer, working group "Sustainability, Energy and Environment", the leading project "Humus Management and Regional Bio Fertilizer Production" of the Lower Austrian Research Technology and Innovation Program of Dr.-Ing. Eva Erhart presented.
The focus of this project is the optimization of the management of humus and organic waste to conserve the resource of fertile soil. Humus balancing with the site-adapted method STAND developed by Prof. Kolbe is a simple but effective method by which farmers and practitioners can determine the humus supply of their soils. In 27 humus balance seminars so far, the participants were familiarized with this method.
Further project contents are the further development of the method and the simplification of its handling as well as the development, analysis and product conditioning of new bio-fertilizers to increase the added value from organic residues. The project will run until 2017.

Humus management 2016 Bratislava - PDF 792 KB