25.+26.5.2018 E-Mobility Workshop - AKW Zwentendorf

The CO2-emissions of the transport sector are despite to many efforts still an essential part of the global greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction of the emissions  regarding the mobility sector is a primary
challenge for the future. Due to the rapid technological leaps in the last years, more and more e-cars enter the market with longer ranges and better batteries.    

The two day-networking-event will focus on the energy reduction potential in the mobility patterns
and technology changes of e-mobility. In addition to that participants have the opportunity to test a
wide range of e-vehicles at one of Europe's biggest e-mobility-test-events. Furthermore an
interesting side program is organised, including a visit of the nuclear power plant Zwentendorf that
has never been put into operation and the Benedictine abbey Melk.   

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