soil treasures

The soil itself is precious in its ecological function and in its function of production. Soil also serves as a source of information and witness of cultures.


Soils show historical changes in nature and culture.
They reveal the development under different conditions of climate, and they show the history of our cultivated landscape. Soil as a specific part of the living space is the basis for human history and culture, and it contributes considerably to man enjoying nature. The quality of the soils has a considerable influence on the types of economy and settlement as well as on social structures.

Below the ground there are precious treasures. Warm springs serve as spa for recreation, and often make the region more lively (example Spa Laa). Also hidden below the ground there are gravel and raw materials for construction as well as minerals and precious stones. These may constitute a tourist attraction - such as, for example, the amethyst world in Maissau.
The crude oil, which is so much required by man, also is hidden below the ground. For millions of years, it has formed below the ground. Even if we intend to be able replace crude oil in the coming years, it is currently still one of the most important raw materials.