Overview Map of Soil Types for Lower Austria created


On behalf of the Department of Land Development of the Lower Austrian Agricultural District Authority, Walter Wenzel from the Institute of Soil Research at BOKU Vienna, Rosemarie Hösl and Peter Strauss from the Federal Office of Water Management, together with M. Englisch, E. Herzberger and R. Reiter from the Federal Office for Forests, created a comprehensive soil mapping based on the detailed information of the Austrian Soil Mapping for the Province of Lower Austria using scientific methods.

On the basis of the new soil map, five soil regions can be distinguished in Lower Austria, which are further divided into a total of 21 small soil regions (see picture).

The created map on a scale of 1:900,000 is intended as an essential basis for further scientific work as well as for the in-depth interpretation of soil condition surveys. Last but not least, the new soil map can be used to better inform the public and awaken soil awareness in the context of school education or for exhibitions.

Download: Explanations of the Lower Austrian Soil Map (pdf)

Download: Print version of the Lower Austrian Soil Map (jpeg)

Download: Print version of the Soil Map A3 (pdf)