Energy Know-How for the Environment of Albania

Regional Minister for Environmental Affairs PERNKOPF: Close Cooperation with Municipalities and Environmental Organizations


St. Poelten (2011-28-12)
The province of Lower Austria and the Caritas of the Diocese of St. Poelten have been assisting Albania in implementing environmental projects since 2010. It is mainly a matter of training in the fields of use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate-minded building, dealing with energy as well as materials with respect to saving resources. Up to now, three classes have taken place in the Albanian villages of Tirana, Fushe Kruje and Lac.

The Albanian Director of Caritas, Dr. Albert Nikolla has recently, on the occasion of a visit to St. Poelten, expressed his gratefulfness to Regional Minister Dr. Stephan Pernkopf und the Director of Caritas of the Diocese of St. Poelten for the excellent cooperation, and discussed further cooperation next year.

Regional Minister for the Environement, Dr. Pernkopf: "The cooperation with local municipalities, environmental organizations, health institutions and schools has top priority. It is mainly important to raise interest for environmental topics among the population, and to motivate them to participate. Also in the current difficult financial situation, environmental projects shall not be disregarded."


Photo: Regional Minister for the Environment, Dr. Stephan Pernkopf (left) and Director of Caritas St. Poelten, Mag. Friedrich Schuhböck (right) hand over a soil colour paint box from the social production workshop in St. Poelten to the Albanian Director of Caritas, Dr. Albert Nikolla (middle)

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